April 22, 2024
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Relating to your hip flexors, you’re possible centered (or, obsessed, in our case) on stretching them. Nevertheless, with this crucial muscle group, there’s a key factor you’re in all probability neglecting: strength-building. Hip flexor strengthening workout routines can assist enhance your athletic efficiency, as properly make every day actions, resembling strolling uphill or climbing stairs, simpler.

On this information, we’ll clarify why it’s worthwhile to focus in your hip flexors, in addition to present a spread of workout routines to construct your purposeful leg energy.

What Are the Hip Flexors?

The hip flexors are a bunch of muscle mass positioned on the entrance of your hip and pelvis that assist flex the leg. Hip flexion is the movement that happens whenever you elevate your knee nearer to your chest, transferring it right into a bent place.

The first muscle mass in your hip flexors are the psoas main and the iliacus. Collectively, these muscle mass are known as the iliopsoas. Different essential muscle mass on this group embrace the rectus femoris (one among your quad muscle mass), the sartorius, and the pectineus.

Why Are Hip Flexor Workouts Necessary?

Hip flexor strengthening workout routines are essential for avoiding undesirable discomfort and damage. When you have weak hip flexors, you might expertise again, hip, and knee ache, in addition to poor effectivity when working. A scarcity of hip flexor energy may trigger alignment points in your hips and knees, rising the danger of sure accidents resembling herniated disks, pinched nerves, and strained quads.

What Are the Finest Hip Flexor Workouts?

Relying in your health degree and the way robust your hip flexors are, you might need to begin with workout routines that require solely your physique weight. As you construct energy, progress to including ankle weights or utilizing resistance bands.

Start with two units of the next workout routines. As you get stronger, add a 3rd set or swap in a tighter resistance band. A few of these workout routines require TRX suspension straps or a kettlebell, which may usually be discovered at a health club.

10 Hip Flexor Workouts

Woman does hip flexor exercises
(Picture: Amber Sayer)
Woman does hip flexor exercises
(Picture: Amber Sayer)

1. Straight Leg Raises

This train is a superb possibility for inexperienced persons. Begin practising this motion utilizing solely your physique weight. While you turn out to be conversant in the movement, you may add on a set of ankle weights.

Learn how to do it:

1. Lie in your again. Bend one knee and place the foot of that leg flat on the ground. Prolong your different leg straight up in entrance of you.
2. Place your fingers at your sides for help.
3. Participating your hip flexors, slowly raise the straightened leg up towards the ceiling. Keep a straight knee and preserve your toes pointed towards the ceiling.
4. Pause on the high of your vary of movement. This place will rely in your hamstring flexibility. Even when you’ve got a whole lot of mobility, you shouldn’t prolong your leg previous a 90-degree angle with the ground.
5. Slowly decrease your leg again down. As a substitute of permitting your heel to the touch the bottom, preserve it barely elevated. When your heel is hovering simply above the ground, re-engage your hip flexors and raise the leg again up.
6. Full 15 to twenty reps earlier than switching to the opposite aspect.

Standing resisted marches, hip flexor exercises
(Picture: Amber Sayer)

2. Standing Resisted Marches

This train requires a small loop resistance band or a booty band.

Learn how to do it:

1. Step each of your ft inside a small loop resistance band or booty band.
2. Maintain one foot firmly planted on the bottom. Drive the knee of the opposite leg up towards your chest, pulling towards the resistance of the train band. Be certain to keep up good posture. Don’t lean to at least one aspect or spherical your again.
3. Pause on the high place to work on the isometric energy of your hip flexors.
4. Slowly decrease the foot again down.
5. Carry out 15 reps earlier than switching to the opposite leg.

Walking lunges for your hip flexors
(Picture: Amber Sayer)

3. Strolling Lunges

A strolling lunge (also referred to as a static break up squat) builds energy all through your hip flexors, in addition to within the main muscle mass in your decrease physique, together with your calves and quads. Relying in your hip mobility, you might also discover that this train helps stretch your hip flexors.

Learn how to do it:

1. Stand with good posture. Maintain your chest up and your shoulders down. Place your fingers in your hips.
2. Take a big step ahead. To search out the fitting place, make it possible for whenever you drop right into a lunge, you’re in a position to bend your back and front knees 90 levels. Your entrance knee shouldn’t shift past your toes.
3. Bend each knees and sink right into a deep lunge. Be certain your entrance shin is perpendicular to the ground, and your entrance thigh is parallel to the ground. Interact your core muscle mass to maintain your torso upright and your again straight.
4. Press by means of your entrance foot to face up. Convey your again leg up and ahead in entrance of your physique, stepping by means of to the subsequent lunge. While you raise the trailing leg, attempt to exaggerate the motion by imagining that you just’re clearing a hurdle earlier than planting the leg down. This movement will assist strengthen your hip flexors and enhance hip mobility.
5. Repeat this motion, alternating your entrance leg as you progress ahead.
6. Full 25 to 30 reps.

Woman demonstrates a sit up
(Picture: Amber Sayer)
Woman demonstrates a sit-up
(Picture: Amber Sayer)

4. Sit-Ups

It’s possible you’ll consider the sit-up as a basic ab-strengthening train, however that’s not all it’s. Research have proven that sit-ups activate the hip flexors as a lot as, if no more than, the stomach muscle mass. So, in case your purpose is to strengthen your hip flexors, this train is usually a useful instrument.

Learn how to do it:

1. Lie in your again. Bend your knees and preserve your ft flat on the ground. Level your toes straight forward. Gently cradle the again of your head together with your fingers. Watch out to not pull up in your neck together with your arms.
2. Interact your abs and hip flexors to raise your shoulder blades and torso up off of the ground. Cease if you end up sitting together with your trunk perpendicular to the ground. Deal with utilizing your muscle mass, as a substitute of propelling your physique up with momentum.
3. Slowly decrease your torso again to the beginning place.
4. Full 15 to twenty managed reps.

Resisted hip hikes as a hip flexor exercises
(Picture: Amber Sayer)

5. Resisted Hip Hikes

This resistance band train is likely one of the greatest methods to focus on your hip flexors. Over time, you may swap in a stiffer resistance band with larger rigidity. When you have hassle balancing, maintain onto a wall or desk for help.

Learn how to do it:

1. Safe a resistance band with an extended loop round a low anchor level. Place the opposite finish of the band across the high of your shoe.
2. Stand upright with good posture, going through away from the anchor level of the band. Be certain to face far sufficient away to create rigidity within the band.
3. Maintaining your core and glutes tight, drive your knee as much as your chest, squeezing your hip flexors. In case your stability permits for it, transfer your arms in a reciprocal sample, as if you’re working. You too can choose to carry onto one thing, resembling a wall, for help.
4. Maintain and squeeze on the high place for two to three seconds. Slowly decrease your leg again down, resisting the pull of the band by contracting your hip flexors.
5. Carry out 10 to fifteen reps earlier than switching legs.

Woman demonstrates mountain climbers
(Picture: Amber Sayer)
Woman demonstrates mountain climbers
(Picture: Amber Sayer)

6. Mountain Climbers

This train affords a chance to combine a burst of cardio into hip flexor actions. Along with strengthening the hip flexors, mountain climbers additionally work your core muscle mass, shoulders, arms, and glutes.

To progress this motion, add sliding discs beneath your ft or apply it with socked ft on a hardwood ground. Including in ankle weights may even enhance the workload in your hip flexors and core muscle mass.

Learn how to do it:

1. Begin in a push-up place. Your physique ought to be in a straight line from the highest of your head to your heels.
2. Maintaining your core and glutes tight, drive one knee up towards your chest. Return the leg again to its authentic place. Repeat this motion with the opposite leg. Be certain to maintain your higher physique and core as nonetheless as potential, and your hips in keeping with your physique.
3. Run as exhausting and quick as you may for 30 to 60 seconds.

Woman practices a hip flexor exercise
(Picture: Amber Sayer)
Woman does a hip flexor exercise
(Picture: Amber Sayer)

7. TRX Tucks

When you have TRX suspension straps obtainable, you may apply a sophisticated variation of mountain climbers known as TRX tucks.

Learn how to do it:

1. Place your ft within the loops of the TRX straps and transfer right into a push-up place.
2. Interact your core and hip flexors. Drive each of your knees into your chest, retaining your hips down and in keeping with your physique.
3. Maintain and squeeze for one second. Shoot your legs again out to the beginning place.
4. Carry out 10 to fifteen tucks.

Woman practices kettlebell swings
(Picture: Amber Sayer)

8. Kettlebell Swings

The kettlebell swing is likely one of the greatest purposeful hip flexor workout routines. This can be a dynamic, full-body motion that works your whole posterior chain (decrease again muscle mass, glutes, hamstrings, and calves) alongside together with your hip flexors, stomach muscle mass, chest, and shoulders.

As a way to maximize the advantages of this motion, concentrate on snapping your hips ahead whenever you swing the kettlebell up. The momentum ought to be coming from driving your hips—not from utilizing your arms.

Learn how to do it:

1. Stand together with your ft barely wider than shoulder-width aside. Grip the kettlebell deal with with each fingers, guaranteeing that they’re subsequent to at least one one other. Your arms ought to be totally prolonged in order that the kettlebell is hanging down in entrance of your physique.
2. Maintain your heels firmly planted on the ground. Enable for a delicate bend in your knees.
3. Press by means of your heels. Snap your hips ahead to drive the kettlebell upward till it’s roughly at chest top. Your arms ought to be totally prolonged in entrance of you.
4. Use your glutes and hamstrings to regulate the kettlebell because it descends, permitting it to swing backwards by means of the area between your legs.
5. On the finish of the arc of the swing, pop your hips ahead once more. Explode by means of your hip flexors to drive the kettlebell again as much as chest top.
6. Full 12 to twenty reps.

Woman does a hip flexor exericse
(Picture: Amber Sayer)
Woman does a hip flexor exercise
(Picture: Amber Sayer)

9. Tucks

Along with strengthening your hip flexors, tucks additionally construct your core energy.

Learn how to do it:

1. Lie in your again. Prolong your legs straight out in entrance of you and your arms over your head.
2. Interact your abs and hip flexors. Raise your torso up together with your again straight (virtually like a sit-up) whereas drawing your legs right into a bent place. Squeeze your hip flexors to attract your trunk and thighs towards each other.
3. Pause on the high, participating your whole core and hip flexors. Don’t spherical your again.
4. Slowly decrease your torso to the bottom, whereas concurrently straightening your legs again out. Be certain to keep up management by participating your hip flexors and abs.
5. Don’t enable your ft or higher physique to come back to a full relaxation on the ground. As a substitute, hover simply above the ground within the prolonged place. After pausing for a second, crunch again up into the tuck.
6. Carry out 10 to fifteen reps.

10. Excessive Knees (Sprinting in Place)

It’s possible you’ll consider excessive knees as a warm-up train. Nevertheless, this motion can be helpful in the case of constructing energy in your hip flexors and core. Should you’re a newbie or have joint ache that makes working tough, you may march in place. To progress this motion, add ankle weights.

Learn how to do it:

1. Run in place, exaggerating the knee drive through the use of your hips and core to raise your leg up as excessive as potential.
2. Use your arms to assist drive your knees up towards your chest.

Amber Sayer is a licensed private coach and working coach. 

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